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Great Achievement Relied On Vigorous Development of Overseas Marketing

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Recently, Tongding has got an order of almost 200km invisible optical cable from Ecuador.


Under the direct of going-out strategy, Tongding considers brand construction and promotion as a key point of overseas marketing development. For example, we show and promoted Tongding products by Communic Asia 2015 and 2015 GITEX DUBAI. Depend on high quality and first-class technology and services; Tongding has accepted more and more overseas orders from America, Canada, Portugal, Poland, Iran and so on. Also, our company has made a breakthrough in Americas, Middle East and Europe.


Tongding has developed different-level products meeting customers’ needs benefited from paying high attention to technological R&D and innovation. As a new product, invisible optical cable is specific and practical. With BDCHina popularized rapidly, its performances and advantages attract more and more attention. So far, Tongding has been ordered more than ten thousand kilometers invisible optical cable. Invisible optical cable will create a great benefit for our company when continuously innovated and promoted.




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