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Tongding Rise to the Top of Rural Enterprises with Nine Awards

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In the awards ceremony of Zhenze economic work and party construction efficiency, Shen Xiaoping, the chairman of Tongding Group, received an award of Zhenze outstanding enterpriser for leading Tongding to accept awards of 2015 Zhenze Town Special Recognition Enterprise, 2015 Zhenze Top 10 taxpayer, 2015 Zhenze Town Special Recognition of Tax Revenue mu yield, 2015 Zhenze Town Technology Innovation (Patent Model Enterprise), 2015 Zhenze Town Technology Innovation(National Torch and Spark Plan), 2015 Zhenze Town Brand Construction( National Quality Benchmarking), 2015 Zhenze Town Quality Promotion(National technician studio) and 2015 Zhenze Town Energy Saving and Emission Reduction (energy-saving transformation).

As Lu Bin (the Zhenze party secretary) said, 2015 is an extraordinary year for Tongding. It not only hammered at optic/electric wire & cable but also probed into new revenue growth opportunities, promoting and leading the development of Zhenze Economic. The chairman Shen Xiaoping considered hard work as the essence of innovation and development. For example, the tax payment exceeds 320 million yuan in Wujiang District, rank the fifth in big taxpayers.


In 2016, focusing on four areas of optic / electric wire & cable and complements, Internet business, growth investment business as well as hotel services, Tongding defines results growth strategy and sustainable development strategy, to realize leap-forward development.


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