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Information consumer boom to boost the global competitiveness of China\'s information industry

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Expanding domestic demand to promote information consumption has risen to an important national strategic planning. The State Council issued the "Opinions on Promoting information consumption to expand domestic demand", in addition to the development of information consumption by 2015 the size of more than 3.2 trillion yuan target, but also the first time will improve the seven categories support policies to further promote the healthy development of related industries. This is in line with Premier Li Keqiang "steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting reform" systemic thinking. It is foreseeable that in the fully promote the country, there will be more information elements and resources into consumption, related industries will also show high growth, thus to enhance the global competitiveness of China's information and communication industry from the foundation. 

International Telecommunication Union announced on 7 October 2012 Global ICT Development Index ranked China rose a higher than in 2011, ranking 157 economies 78. Hong Kong, China ranked 10th. ICT Development Index is a set of 11 kinds of indicators as a reference value index, is divided into three sub-indices: access sub-indices, the use of indices and sub-indices skills. Last year China three sub-indices were ranked first 80,66 and 93. ITU report also analyzes the use of broadband in 2012 cost countries and affordability. Expense report is based on the entry-level fixed broadband services as a percentage of contracted gross national income per capita, fixed broadband prices 169 economies were ranked, China ranked No. 99. Reported the use of mobile broadband composite price index of a newly developed, for 110 economies were ranked, China ranked No. 101. 

Of course, the ITU statistics process, considering the overall situation of China is not in place, many ignored the specific indicators unique to China's national conditions and complex real network construction and operation and maintenance. Indeed, China as the world's largest consumer market of information and communication, regardless of the user scale and network infrastructure covering all of the world's first, in order to calculate the average huge Chinese user base information and communication industry is unfair. However, the ITU data reflects a certain extent, the huge potential of the Chinese consumer market expansion upgrade information, as of the end of August, the total number of telephone users in China reached 1.467 billion, 3G users reached 351 million total. The total number of fixed Internet users reached 184 million broadband access, the total number of mobile Internet users reached 828 million, of which the proportion of mobile Internet users reached 96.2%. 

The world's first large-scale users of information has created a matchless consumer market demand, which is China's information and communication industry prosperity premise, but also China to expand domestic demand and consumption of information, the adjustment of economic structure, promoting reform and development foundation. 

Even more critical is that, as the information and communications industry leading leading industry, China's telecom industry is also brewing a more aggressive pattern adapted to the explosive growth of China's information needs of the consumer market. From the beginning of the year, the Ministry will vigorously promote China's mobile Internet Leveller upgrade to 4G licensing policies to guide the development of the context of the market has emerged. Ministry is working on the telecommunications industry competition stride adjustments in May, officially released "Mobile communication resale business pilot program," which was seen as opening the door to a major reform of the telecommunications sector to private capital into private capital, will further expand the scale of investment in the telecommunications industry, rich product form, stimulate new consumption hot spots users to contribute to the growth of the telecommunications business scale. Public funding incoming mobile resale market, brought to the telecommunications industry is rapidly expanding and extending good industrial scale. 

Information stimulating consumer spending growth in China will become the "third Troika", the global information and communication industry is a huge positive in recent years, China's telecommunications equipment manufacturing industry to lose ground in the world, has become a global competition for any multinational giants can not be ignored opponents. But you can not deny that, both in hardware and software development in the field of innovation, mature domestic manufacturers and foreign companies are still a huge gap, which must quickly insurmountable divide. With the further prosperity of the Chinese consumer market information, global IT focus on China is inevitable. In a more globalized Chinese information and communication market, Chinese enterprises will have to face the global competition, which is for the promotion of innovation and information transformation and competitiveness of China's telecommunications industry to improve and promote overall prosperity of the national economy in order to radiate the industry are enormous challenges more is a rare opportunity. 


Date: 2013/10/16 Source: Source: Communications Information Report
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