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China Mobile launched the first 4G experience Shaanxi network has built 2,000 base stations

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September 26, 4G (TD-LTE) experience CAPE ceremony was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province Vice Governor Li Jinzhu at the ceremony noted that the opening of 4G (TD-LTE) network experience marked the formal entry into the broadband Shaanxi Mobile Communication era. 

    It is understood that China Mobile 4G (TD-LTE) in the first phase of the project in Shaanxi has built 2,000 base stations, covering the province's hot spots, and the completion of 11 4G experience hall in 10 cities, Xi'an Jiaotong University and other 22 universities and K609 bus lines and Metro Line No. 1 realized 4G network coverage; the end of November to complete the second phase of the project, a total opening of 4800 base stations, covering 10 cities in the core area, to the end of this year will open more than 7,000 cumulative base stations, covering the province over the county town, campus and part of the township and other hot areas. 
    Compared with the previous 4G communication technology, there are three notable features, the first is speed. TD-LTE theoretical peak download speeds of more than 100M / s, is several times more than existing 3G network speed, which is not only a technological revolution, but also indicates that China ranks among the world's most advanced in improving broadband speed. Second, the wide range of applications. 4G and networking, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technology integration, and will form an information highway, videos, games and other wireless broadband information services, will activate all aspects of personal digital life; pass and shoot, network security monitoring, HD video conferencing, etc. application of information technology industry, will promote the rapid development of low-cost government, transportation, energy, education, health care and other fields. Third, high safety performance. TD-LTE is the core of our intellectual property rights with 4G technology, network and information security, reliability will be a great protection. 

    Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province, Li Jinzhu at the ceremony noted, 4G (TD-LTE) network experience and Northwest Shaanxi Province, opened the first 4G network, information construction in Shaanxi Province is also an important milestone in the process, which means our own intellectual property rights of fourth generation mobile communication technology will fall flowering in Shaanxi. In Shaanxi, China Mobile launched 4G (TD-LTE) network is implemented Experience "broadband China" strategy, optimize information consumption environment, an important step to accelerate the "wisdom of Shaanxi" construction, Shaanxi Province, marking the formal entry into the mobile broadband era, will greatly promote information technology in Shaanxi Province with industrialization and urbanization, the depth of integration, profoundly changed the way people consume information, the promotion of information consumption, expanding domestic demand is significant. 

    In Shaanxi, China Mobile launched 4G (TD-LTE) network experience, while also initiated referendum to experience 4G (TD-LTE) activity, the customer can use the "two ways, four places" participation. Two kinds of 4G (TD-LTE) experience the way, one way to experience a data terminal through data card, CPE, MiFi and other equipment, experience in public hotspots, the second is the way the smartphone experience. Four spaces are operating room, universities, public transport and hotspots. 
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