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Ding: Leading industry support the sustainable development of China\'s strategic landing broadband

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2014 World Telecommunication and Information Society Day theme is "to promote sustainable development of broadband," Broadband is placed in an unprecedented height. As we all know, the information industry has become a major booster of economic and social development, the contribution rate of the economy growing, the impact on society is widely plot thick streams, Dragon clouds. The broadband as an important part of the information industry, as the reality of society, ease of access lines, infrastructure, and the pros and cons of infrastructure, complete or not directly related to the development trend of the economy. 
     2013, the State Council issued the "broadband China" strategy, the strategy that "broadband network is a strategic public infrastructure, the development of broadband networks in the new period of China's economic and social development and promote efficient investment for pulling information consumption, and promote development patterns and a well-off society construction has an important supporting role. "this coincides with the theme of this year's Telecom day. This consensus built on a deep understanding of the situation in the global economy and grasp, based on the trends of economic development and social progress in the direction of future prospective. 
     National broadband strategies can rise to the level illustrates several problems. First, broadband is increasingly important. At the end of 2013, China's Internet users reached 618 million, broadband household penetration rate of over 40%. Broadband in modern society has become as important as water, electricity, roads and other infrastructure, to enhance the overall level of information to promote economic and social development has an irreplaceable role, has become a new economic growth point and the socio-economic development catalyst. Second, broadband development imbalance. This includes broadband industry chain development imbalances, regional development imbalances, imbalances and industrial application of technology development imbalances. For example, broadband household penetration in rural areas only 20%, well below the 40% domestic. Third, the development of broadband varies greatly, the lack of unified planning and standards, has severely restricted its own, the information industry and national economic development, the need to guide the healthy development of broadband, thereby affecting and promoting sustainable development of the entire national economy. Fourth, broadband security status worrying. Domestic information industry is explosive development, joint development, compared with developed countries there are significant security risks, including technical support capabilities, security systems, communication systems and application security management mechanisms, which are subject to the broadband-related technologies, legislation, national planning, standards-based broadband construction, etc., and these are not overnight can be solved once and for all. Fifth, the lack of investment. Broadband prospects has been a social consensus, but just as other infrastructure investments, huge investment and effective slow. So, how to more effectively attract and guide the national broadband investment is an important issue must now be a priority to solve, which is directly related to the development of China's information industry is Yimapingchuan, or thorns set purpose. 
     In the "Broadband China" and "broadband for sustainable development" under the impetus of the idea of China's broadband market is expanding, increasingly intense market competition. Competitive market, everyone is quality, high-profit market, and competition protection is advanced research, technology, advanced technology, advanced management philosophy, which is built on the advanced nature of strategic planning, relentless innovation and on the basis of sustainable development pace. 
     As optical cable manufacturing handful of domestic-oriented industries, adhere to moderate, broadband multi-product supply business development strategy, through Ding Group strength, especially in the light rod fiber, optical cable and ancillary products research and production, as well as offers a variety of network solutions based on a pivotal position in both domestic and international reputation. 2013 in ranking the country's top 500 private enterprises increased by 89, won the 2013 China Electronic Information hundred, Chinese optical fiber and cable top 10 most competitive enterprises, a number of honorary titles finest optical cable companies, etc. These honors made from one side to prove TONGDING results. In addition, through the Ding Group also accelerated the pace of going global strategy, in 2013, Tong Ding Group external sales grew nearly 300%. 
     At present, the domestic deepening reform of the horn is sounded, the market economy will become the main theme of the economy, sustainable development will also be the best choice. In this context, an enterprise wants to become bigger and stronger, have made great progress, but also as the preferred strategy for sustainable development of their own development. Aspire to be a hundred years through Ding Group already fully aware of the plant started in 1999 on the occasion of the importance and the need for sustainable development, more than ten years, insisted this strategy throughout the enterprise's business activities, greatly promote corporate health, continued strong growth. In the current new era of sustainable development and the information industry has been given more meaning, which, through Ding Group is making determined efforts, combat readiness, to seek new sustainable development strategy to promote enterprise reform and development of higher quality. 
     Pijianzhirui, both offensive and defensive, is a premium business must have quality. "Four cardinal principles" is to respond to the broadband industry ding competitive environment, optimize the industrial structure, promote the transformation and upgrading of the sustainable development strategy. First, adhere to the inherent advantages of the main business, exploration, and development of new energy applications, seeking a broader space for development, achieve sustainable business development. Traditional market competition intensifies, special optical cable, providing system solutions will be the focus of our development. Second, insist on scale efficiency, reduce management costs, and actively improve the management level, from management to be efficient, to gain and improve calling the shots, breaking the fine management. Achieve sustainable development management system. Third, adhere to innovation, research and development, science and technology enterprise core competitiveness, and further increase research investment, attracting serious, reserve personnel to promote the growth of corporate research capacity to achieve sustainable development and innovation. Ding photoelectric Institute, academician workstation, the national post-doctoral research station, state-level enterprise technical centers, enterprise testing centers, fiber optic technology laboratory, optical fiber sensing technology engineering center, fiber optic engineering and technology research center R & D platform will be our important platform for innovation. Fourth, insist on the corporate culture. Increase employee awareness of responsibility, change layers work style, strengthen the system and implementing efforts to improve employee execution, to achieve sustainable development of the corporate culture. To fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees subjective, training to plant at home, for the first service awareness, and promote the development of enterprises. 
     "But its difficult, it is more dauntless;. Provided they are resourceful, just precious," Group Chairman Shen Tong Ding Xiaoping says.
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