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Ao Li: China\\'s broadband development is facing a

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Message on 22 May, in today's "2014" international conference of optical networks, the deputy director of the ministry of telecommunications research institute standard AoLi said: "China's broadband development situation is still grim, in the case of rising global broadband development level, our country broadband development compared with the developed countries are still faced with the serious situation of 'slow to advance is to go back."

Worldwide, according to AoLi broadband strategy, the current government in 146 countries have passed the national broadband plan, strategy of European and American broadband phased achievements, developed countries the widespread high-speed broadband as a broadband development goals. Broadband plan in 2015 the United States, for example, part of the goal ahead of schedule - in the middle of 2013 50 MBPS downstream rate cover one hundred million families. And the "digital agenda for Europe" 2013 goals in advance, in October 2013


据敖立介绍,宽带战略遍及全球,目前146个国家的政府已通过了国家宽带计划,欧、美宽带战略取得阶段性成果,发达国家把普及高速宽带作为宽带发展目标。例如,美国宽带计划2015年部分目标提前实现-2013年年中50Mbps下行速率覆盖一亿家庭。而欧洲提前实现“欧洲数字议程”2013年目标,2013年10月欧盟28国基本速率宽带100%覆盖。 发达国家已经把高速宽带作为发展重点,1Gbps业务开始逐步商用,FTTx全球用户数同比增长32.5%,家庭宽带普及率在70%以上。因此,“我国的宽带发展与发达国家相比仍面临着‘慢进则退’的严峻形势” 此外,敖立还表示:“我国宽带发展存在城乡和区域不平衡,城乡差距和东西部差距依然明显。”截至2013年底,全国固定宽带家庭普及率37%,城市地区52%,农村地区21%,东部地区46%,西部地区28%。“为此,还需推进宽带普遍服务。”
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